By Keith Scott-Mumby

Most modern medicine is too far downstream, working on symptoms (results), not causes. Syndromes are not seen as the final step in a long cascade of health reversals, but as adventitious processes that just somehow "arise" from a body that is busted.

This course of medicine is founded firmly in the paradigm that sees Nature as the cure, and the role of a physician is to diagnose and remove blocks in the process of healing. By definition, chronic medications are ineffective. If they worked, they would be self-limiting. 

Although doctors are quick to diagnosis depression, or some other reimbursable condition, and write a prescription for some drug so they can move patients out of their offices in the allotted few minutes, it seems that almost no one is paying any attention to real causes for the common symptoms and illnesses we routinely treat today with some "approved" drug (another poison), while mainstream medicine routinely fails to consider or simply ignores underlying causes.

It is clear that this treating of SYMPTOMS and making diagnoses that are commonly used by everyone, is the only way you can "treat" patients in the few minutes we allot to patient care today.

If you are the outlier, you would actually measure nutritional status and the levels of toxins that contribute to most illnesses seen today, but immediately the insurance companies spot you as a deviant physician; i.e. you deviate from the norm as you actually order blood mercury on patients, particularly those eating fish regularly. Then you step even further out of line and would say that, rather than making a psychiatric diagnosis for anxiety reaction or depression, you actually write a diagnosis of increased body burden of mercury or other toxin.

That diagnosis makes you at odds with what is considered usual, reasonable, or customary practices and the insurance computer program spots you and they try to wean you back to the nonsense medicine being practiced by your "colleagues" or your "peers." So how to do “good” and not be pinpointed by insurance companies as a "deviant physician"? No one else treats causes; those that dare to deviate from the "usual, reasonable, customary" nonsense medicine that many of us fear, pending government based care assures us will be the norm for years to come. This kind of inquisitive practice leads to you testing people for mercury or other metals in hair, blood and/or urine, and you have fun with your practice again, as you start to see real improvement in your patient's health. The trouble is, most patients today breathe, eat or drink toxins, so once you start looking, you will almost always find a contributory toxin, and that makes your insurance company irate and your "peers" nervous.

So once you start measuring what is really going on in patients, instead of playing the ICD-g code book just to keep things going the way your "peers" play the game, you will start to believe what environmental doctors know:  namely, toxins are near the top--not at the bottom--of contributing causes to ill health in really "solving" most patients' issues.  But no one wants to pay for doing IV treatments on the masses to flush out a lot of these toxins. So to avoid getting turned in to your medical board, the best answer may be to simply put effective knowledge in your patients' hands so that they learn about the relationship between their exposures to toxins and their health.

Then let them work to decrease their exposures, and put them onto safe oral detoxification programs such as Zeolite and/or oral chelators, as there is generally no major need for aggressive IV detox programs if we realize that whatever we do, lead will take 15 years to significantly lower in bones, and that IV hardly shortens that time frame. But IV makes people function better, as the soft tissues stores in kidney, liver, heart, etc., can be lowered more rapidly with IV than oral chelation, so patients feel better faster.

But that is not real detoxification unless it is followed with a maintenance program because unless the program is continued for 15 years, you still have high lead in bones that will equilibrate with soft tissues over time or, as in menopause when women lose bone that releases lead and increases many health problems like hypertension, depression, memory loss, etc. Bone loss means lead release into all soft tissues and the brain unless the patient has been on Zeolite or oral chelators for years.

Remember: if you start out with 1000 times too much lead, as we all have now in our bones, and you stay on Zeolite or oral chelation for 7.5 years, you still have 500 times too much bone lead, as you need the full 15 years of remodeling bone while on a program that consistently moves out more lead each day than you take in by breathing, drinking and/or eating. Thus, we need to put Cause-Based Medicine in the hands of the informed public, and Eternity Medicine Institute can only assure that with a constant high-level educational program.

The USA is currently around 35th in status among world health league tables. We can change that. We can be the #1 driving force that changes a whole nation. The existing and "new" socialist health plans are clearly unworkable. They are not health plans but sickness plans, which drain the Nation’s resources. Health care costs are currently contributing a massive 14.5% of the GDP (it should read depleting the GDP by 14.5% but for the quirks of economics). Eternity Medicine is basically a longevity and health revival plan to prevent massive individual and national medicine costs but with an in-built safety net, if misfortune is met.