This website is outdated by at least 10 years, therefore, we are in the process of updating it where required.

The site will also be upgraded to many other diseases other than just HIV-AIDS that Ozone Therapy is known to help. The fact that most of the Pharmaceutical companies have a strangle hold on HIV with its HAART program. The average total cost of HIV care was $19,912 per patient per year. Costs were highest for patients with advanced disease. The cost for providing care to each patient who died was $44,000. Total annual per patient cost for an individual with a CD4 cell count below 50 cells/mm 3 averaged $40,678.

Bioseneca believes we can cut drastically the cost of this treatment, especially in Third World Countries.

The Chart Data below was collected at our clinic in Harley Street London, in 2005.

The patient was treated over a period of 4 months, as you see in the 1st month, there is a viral load count of 37500 copies per mil. In the 2nd month the Patient was given no treatment for a period of 1 month and the Viral Load went up to 40000 copies per mill. The 2nd  month the patient was placed on a special diet, his viral load dropped 20000 copies per mill. the 4th month